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A brief overview of Pentax K-I mark II DSLR.

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A brief overview of Pentax K-I mark II DSLR.

Pentax K-I mark II DSLR


Price : $ 1996.95



Mark II DSLR is quite similar to the Mark I DSLR of Pentax. There are only 2 prominent changes in the camera. These changes include;

  • The insertion of processing accelerator in the image pipeline between the sensor and the image processor, that optimizes the data.
  • The low light quality has furthermore been increased as compared to the last model. So it’s a  strong camera for low-light photography,  where high shutter speeds are mandatory.
  • The 5 axis mechanism is great. Because of this the camera automatically detects the direction of the camera’s movement . It efficiently control the SR unit and produces the best image possible without requiring any mode switching .

Some important features have’nt been introduced and previous flaws look the same . These flaws include the faulty autofocus system and the image stabilization.

Also the price has rose as compare to the Mark I. Now the Mark II costs about $2000. This price is quite much as compared to Mark I. The native sensitivity is of ISO 819,200. Incase of the most succesfull cameras the native sensitivity is of ISO  204,800.

According to us,

According to our suggestion, the Mark II DSLR is’nt preferrbal. The reason is that, there are no impressive specs in this model as compared to its rival DSLRs of the same price. If you want to buy a pentax camera , you should prefer the previous model Mark I. As the features are quite similar in both, so why buy an expensive model of the same performance.

Furthermore according to the company the K-1 owners can upgrade their current camera to receive the advanced functions of the new K-1 Mark II.

You can weight for the new KII tl arrive or either buy the last model with new upgrade and lower price.

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